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Lysozyme structure
    Solid ribbon

Lysozyme structure. 3D pictures of Lysozyme structure

published: 27 Nov 2006 (7:57)
This page contains many different 3D-pictures of lysozyme structure. All these pictures are prepared with WebLab Viewer 4.0 with using coordinates of chicken egg-white lysozyme structure solved by X-Ray analysis at resolution 1.2 Angstrom.

Water molecules in all pictures of lysozyme structure were excluded from the final PDB file to make protein pictures more clearer. All these pictures, except residue conservation one, were made in the same orientation, which allow you to compare different mode of molecular representations.

For more clearer vision, all 3D pictures of lysozyme structure are accompanied with the stereo version. All stereo-pictures are made in relaxed eyes split screen mode with relative rotation of 3.5 degrees.

You can use these pictures for free for any non-commercial purpose, but you must refer to this web site ( For more details check copyright information.

Pictures of Lysozyme structure

Ball-and-stick representation

CPK representation

Van der Waals surface

Solvent-accessible surface

Solid ribbon representation

Schematic representation

CPK coloured by residue conservatism


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